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Poplar Cuttings

 The poplar starter kit is a great way to plant a living screen, windbreak, firewood plot, deer habitat or restore stream bank.  If you’re unsure about growing poplars this is a great inexpensive way to start.

Poplars need regular watering and need to have a weed free environment. Growth of ten feet per year is not unusual with growth of one inch per day in July and August.Bag of Cuttings

Included in the kit is fifty hybrid poplar tree starts, recommended for your area.  Fertilizer stakes specially formulated to provide a proper mixture of slow release fertilizer for hybrid poplars to provide a year’s worth of nutrients to the trees.  Planting and care guidelines are  included.

Weed blocker may be purchased in addition to the kit.  The cloth will control the weeds without the use of chemicals.  It is reinforced for strength and perforated to allow moisture to pass through.  It not only controls the weeds but also heats the soil to begin rooting early in the spring and  conserve soil moisture during the summer, it is photo-selective and comes with a three year UVI loading.

Please provide the following ordering information:

Your name, address and items your ordering.

Hybrid Poplar Kits - 50 trees &  50 fertilizer packs & instructions for $50.00.

Weed Blocker Squares (36" @ $.65 each) or (48" @$1.15 each)  includes stapes.

 Fertilizer Refill (50 @ $7.50)

 Shipping and handling at $6.50. (USA only)

 We have supply from January to June only. These are only   planted in the spring months.

To Order Call Broadacres Nursery, Inc. at (503)981-6509

Email us at broadacr@oregonsbest.com 

 Thank You for your order!

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