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Broadacres Nursery offers grafted, self-rooted and certified grape rootstocks for sale to vineyard growers.  We do specialty grafting for vineyards with a desire to provide their own scion wood as well as general grafting with our own varieties of pinot noir and chardonnay scion wood.  Our grafting is done with a German made omega grafting machine that provides a solid, tight graft union.   We grow our grafted and self rooted grapes in potted soil less mediums trying to keep the root system as intact as possible.

Our grape rootstocks are certified virus free and phylloxera resistant. Phylloxera is an aphid-like insect that feeds on a grape’s root system causing an overall decline in plant health and productivity. The primary method to control phylloxera is to plant vines grafted on  to resistant rootstock.  Our rootstocks are harvested in December, sanitized and placed in cold storage until they are grafted or sold.

Grafted Grapes are custom propagated and sold on contract. Grapes need to be ordered by January to insure root stock availability.    Live, green grafted and self rooted grape plants can often be planted in the spring in Western Oregon if irrigation is provided.  Grapes planted on non-irrigated sites should be planted in the fall.  We can also provide dormant vines for spring planting.  Dormant plants need to be ordered a year ahead of delivery.

      Broadacres Grape Scion Wood:   

Red Varieties

White Varieties



Pinot Noir 114

Chardonay 95

Pinot Noir 115

Chardonay Esp.*

Pinot Noir 667

Pinot Gris*

Pinot Noir 777

Pinot Blanc*

Pinot Noir Pommard*

Others as requested.

These can be Self-rooted or grafted to rootstocks. 

        Broadacres Certified Grape Rootstocks:

Root Stock

Vigor Rating

Courdec 3309

Vigor low to moderate

101-14 Mgt.

Vigor low to moderate


Vigor moderate

Riparia Gloire

Vigor low

44-53 Malegue

Vigor moderate

*Must be ordered in December or January to acquire wood.             Contact Us:  or (503)981-6509

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