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Broadacres Nursery, Inc has over twenty-five years of experience in the promotion production, management and utilization of poplar in the United States.   We have managed and consulted on projects ranging from establishing plantations for municipal wastewater reuse to cutting edge research demonstrating the ability of poplars to sequester carbon out of the atmosphere. Our clients include engineering companies, forest products companies, municipal wastewater utilities, universities and individual growers.   

Broadacres Nursery Inc. offers a broad range of services to the poplar industry including:

-Production and scale-up of new poplar varieties

-Poplar management consulting for industrial plantations and phytoremediation application

-Poplar variety and planting stocks recommendations.

 -Poplar plantation establishment prescriptions and techniques.

-Research and development of poplar  applications.

-Problem diagnosis related to all aspects of poplar production.

Broadacres Nursery, Inc is consulting on a number of successful wastewater reuse projects which are utilizing poplars in Oregon including the cities of Woodburn McMinnville, Dallas, Veneta, Monmouth and Aurora.  We consult through out the United States on phytoremediation projects to insure that the proper poplar varieties are selected for each project and that the poplar plantings are successfully established and maintained.  We have also worked on biosolid projects with the pulp and paper industry utilizing secondary biosolids as a soil amendment for production plantations.   With the U. S.  Department of Energy, we have developed techniques to estimate the amount of carbon sequestered by poplar plantings including above-ground and below-ground biomass components.  We can accurately estimate the amount of carbon being sequestered each year on an individual tree or per acre basis and establish the carbon credit that a planting should receive.  Broadacres Nursery can also appraise your poplar planting for its standing biomass, pulp and sawlog value. 

Below is a detailed listing for some of the services we provide.  Please contact us directly for specific information on consulting fees and details of services offered.  

Feasibility Studies for Poplar Plantation Projects including:

            -Evaluation and testing of site and soil characteristics for poplar suitability.

            -Estimates of growth and yield potential for poplars on selected sites accounting for soil conditions, climate,  cultural alternatives, pest pressures and production  objectives. 

            -Economic analysis for poplar plantation projects.

Plantation management consulting including:

            -Full service consulting services on all aspects of poplar culture from site preparation to harvest.

Contract supervision for poplar plantations including:

           -contractor relations.

            -monitoring activities.

Harvesting and marketing of hybrid poplar plantations including

            -appraisal services.

            -locating markets.

            -administering contracts.

            -compliance with local, state and federal regulations.

Research and development services with poplar including:


-study design and installation.

-statistical analysis.

-research summaries and reporting.


Bill Schuette is the consulting manager at Broadacres Nursery, Inc and has thirteen years of experience with poplar plantations throughout the United States.  Bill worked for Fort James Corporation for eleven years in the development and management of 40,000 acres of poplar plantations in Oregon, Washington, and Mississippi.  He consults extensively around the country with companies such as CH2M Hill, Fort James Corporation, Potlatch Corporation, Parsons Engineering Science and AgriTech, Inc on production and phytoremediation plantings.  

 Ray Ethell is the owner and manager of Broadacres Nursery Inc.  He has twelve years of experience growing, harvesting and selling poplar trees all over the United States and over twenty years of experience in the nursery industry.  Ray has established poplar plots with cooperators in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Nevada, Colorado, California, Florida, Virginia, Georgia and Mexico.

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