Where Your Poplar Plantations and Vineyards Begin!

Broadacres Nursery, Inc.,

Email:   broadacr@oregonsbest.com    poplar leaf         

Hybrid Poplars:

Discussion of hybrids and varieties available.

Poplar Demonstration Center:

An office building constructed out of poplar products including framing and furniture.          

Environmental Uses:

Includes carbon sequestration, waste water, phytoremediation and stream bank restoration.            

Poplar Consulting Services:

Feasibility studies, research and development for poplar plantations.                    

 Ordering Poplars:

Poplar kit for windbreaks, stream bank restoration or planting trial.          


Propagation of self-rooted or grafted grape vines.         

 Grape Rootstocks:

About rootstock varieties and uses.

  About Us:

Our biography.